07 Mar 2018

Coating is what brings your project to life, so you need to be very careful before choosing your floors and tiles.

Ceramic tiles, whether porcelain tiles, floors or tiles, usually represent 2 to 3% of the total value of the work. But it’s very important to keep in mind the coverings have the purpose to protect, preserve, and to beautify the work of the project. So it’s worth investing. 


Tips for each environment


For the living rooms and the bedrooms, the ideal is coatings that match the wood shades of your furnitures. The suggestion is to explore neutral tones like white, off-white and beige. Matte products are a great choice since they give the impression of warmth, and large pieces, in sizes 40×40, for example.


For the kitchen, large pieces are also recommended. With larger products there are fewer areas of grout, that is, less accumulated dirt. An interesting tip is to use epoxy-based grout, a plastifying substance that prevents dirt from accumulating between floors and tiles. As for color, white remains the most sought after. It gives a clean look, ideal for this environment.


The bathroom is the space of the house that allows more innovations. The bathroom is personal and the flooring is the center of attention. Colors of the most diverse shades are used, according to your personality. A trend is shown in the dimensions of the tile. Before they were used 15×15, today the larger pieces are very sought after and placed mainly horizontally. For the bathroom and pools, the great novelty is the small glass inserts, which can be found in different colors and give a special charm to the finish.


For the children and the elderly

The ideal to avoid falls of the elderly and children is to put rougher floors in the bathrooms. Another option is to apply a product that releases titanium microparticles. Even in contact with water, the floor does not get slippery. The good thing is that you can apply the product to any ceramic.

The durability is about five years. So if you want to avoid falls and slips you do not need to change the floor of the room. Just apply the substance.


Difference between ceramic and porcelain tile

Porcelanato is a type of ceramic produced with noble raw materials. It has low water absorption, greater mechanical resistance and less thermal expansion. Due to its longer durability, it is mainly indicated for the exterior areas of the house. It’s definitely a floor for a lifetime.



Some pieces of ceramic and porcelain tile imitate other materials, such as leather, fabric texture, and wood carpet. If you like the look of wood, but do not want to have problems with stains, scratches and noise, you can opt for ceramics that mimic the product.