16 Feb 2018

New collections of flooring ideas launched, with the start of a new year we can already have a good idea of ​​what to expect for the floors and walls of 2018: the increasing importance of personalization, relaxation, creativity and good humor in the right measure, for an elegant and unpretentious house – the motto of the current decorative decade.

The Scandinavian style continues to conquer spaces with the force of its simplicity. The whites and off-whites reign in many proposals, especially in the small ceramics in rectangular format, like brick, now in new readings, less and less prey to a single model of assembly and dimension.

Tiles also go high in lighter, more minimalist designs. The play of the patchwork mosaic, however, begins to lose strength.

The white always unbeatable on the walls, appears in smaller formats and mixed, as in the photo: rectangular and square tiles leave the space even more detached.

The focus is also on coatings in unusual formats and more experimental designs: mini hexagonal in the best French style, diamonds and circular shapes.

The footprint of these launches varies from the vintage style, the modernist and the contemporary, with a lot of geometrism, intercalated colors, gradations and contrasts.

For the most classical, the absolute frisson are the porcelain tiles in impressions increasingly faithful to noble stones.

Classical marbles such as Covelano, Calacata and Nero Venato remain in evidence, especially in large formats, which is a worldwide trend. ” 

In the world of porcelain, size is also document

The reinvention of the rustic style, in a more modernized presentation, will also be present in the projects of the next year. Stones with metallic colors, rough to the touch, that simulate basaltic rocks, corten steel, aged gold tones. They are bets not only on the bathrooms and kitchens, but also on balconies and pools:

Magna Rock, Preview’s 2018 collection reproduces the basaltic rocks of Mount Vesuvius in Italy.

The chevron (zigzag) looked tiresome in its “black and white” and “black and gray” presentations, but reinvents itself in several shades of wood on the same page, or in unique colors. The classical paging of the fishbone also shows that it came to stay. Strong trend for 2018.

The beauty of wood combined with zigzag paging