19 Mar 2018

The fact that the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, making the appropriate floor choice is an important point of your decorationEach piece of furniture, accessory and piece added in this space should be extremely well evaluated, aiming the best use of this place. With all that said, choosing the floor to your bathroom should pay attention to what is closest to your decoration and what will be more functional within your routine. A well-kept and well-decorated bathroom will not only enhance the rest of the house but will also make the home feel more comfortable.

It is important to take into account that the floor, baseboard, tiles and sink should follow an equal quality in relation to the other rooms’ flooring. However, it is important that the choice of flooring for the bathroom should be made remembering that moisture is always present in this type of environment due to showers, bathtubs, faucets and toilets.

The possibilities for flooring materials are many, as are the colors and ways of installing them. The most common are ceramic tiles, natural stone, marble, pebbles, concrete and wood. Choose the type that pleases you most and makes more sense in your residence. Make it a beautiful, elegant and personalized environment.Here, we’ll explain a little about these more common materials to help you make the most appropriate decision.Check out!

Natural stone

The stone flooring could be the perfect choice for the bathroom due to its toughness and the beauty that it brings to the environment. Almost all types of natural stones that are available for choice don’t have problems with the humidity present in this type of room. This is certainly an advantage of this material. On the other hand, natural stones can be very cold and can become slippery on contact with water. In addition to these points, the installation of a natural stone floor may require a financial investment precisely because they are materials extracted from nature.


Vinyl flooring is the most popular choice for bathroom flooring right now. The fact that you can install Vinyl with ease is a great advantage. The high diversity of styles and models of Vinyl floors is also taken into account when choosing the perfect floor for the bathroom. This makes this type of flooring one of the first choices with ease. Vinyl is a type of synthetic resin, that is, it is not as pleasant to the touch, as wood or marble, for example. This material does not propagate flames, it is versatile and environmentally correct, it is composed of 80% recycled material and is recyclable.

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The marble is more expensive, yet extremely elegant flooring. When your installation is well done, you can hardly see the junction between one part and another. In addition to the sober colors, today it is possible to find colored marbles and granites. The marble is less resistant than the granite and that the porcelain. In addition, it requires much more care in cleaning. This material can easily be chipped and stained with grease or other products as they are highly absorbent, so it is recommended to use waterproofing.It is recommended that when pouring anything on the marble, it should be cleaned immediately, owing precisely to its porosity. Marble is a type of cold flooring very used in places of tropical climate as it helps to decrease the sensation of heat.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile floors are classic, beautiful and timeless. Ceramic tiles are the best option if you want a cheap, consistent and sturdy floor for the bathroom. Being solid, with an interesting texture and also waterproof, the ceramic is a great option for the purchase. Because it is not so expensive, it is possible to think and plan mosaics on ceramic floors or even acquire two different types for the room, creating a blended and fun style. Another advantage, is that ceramic floors can be found in any building and flooring shop.

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Which of these floor models has more to do with the decoration of your home?